Handcrafted Soundproofed Server Cabinets

Earlier this week the NetShelter CX marketing team, inPress Online, joined us at the Schneider Electric factory in Frome to witness first-hand how the NetShetler CX is made… and try their hand at helping us out on the production.

Being a mass producer - and exporter - of soundproofed server cabinets all over the world, people are often surprised by the level of skill and craftsmanship that goes into the production of each individual unit. 

Handcrafting of Each Individual Unit
There is very little machine work carried out. Each and every server cabinet is diligently hand-crafted and assembled right here within our factory walls, by a skilled and dedicated team. Our factory is set in Frome, deep in the heart of the Somerset hills, which carries a rich vein of tradition in the carpentry and furniture making disciplines.

Here we are taking traditional skills from the local workforce, and transitioning them into use in the production of a product that is helping to facilitate the march towards cloud hosting and virtualisation in the modern IT age.

The skills required for successful NetShelter CX building go beyond simple cabinet making, to include the addition of soundproofing materials, in-built heat management & power distribution, and of course racks for server hosting, and much more.

Here you can view a video of inPress Online's progress and see how they got on. 

Pretty neat, right?
The guys from inPress were great fun to have around for the day. Everyone got a kick out of it and tried something new.

Sophia tried her hand at several assembly procedures, attempting to keep up with the team on various stages of the production line. Jamie, on the other hand, appears to have spent most of his time wandering around the factory laughing and talking to people - at one point you can even hear him ask somebody what a 'door' is…

it was a fun day at the NetShelter CX factory in Frome, which has given our marketing team a unique insight into what goes into the  manufacture of a soundproofed server room in a box. It is not just the unique capabilities that the NetShelter CX possesses, but in an age of mass production the skill and intricacy that goes into its build that makes it so special. As the guys in the factory themselves say, if it's not perfect, its not good enough.

10 Jul 2013 11:50:00

Schneider Electric Small IT Solutions and Morgan Sindall Featured in Network Communications News

Schneider Electric Small IT Solutions has been featured in Network Communications News, the magazine for network infrastructure professionals.

In a two page joint-interview alongside Morgan Sindall, the Uks leading construction & regeneration group, Schneider Electric Solution Offer Manager, David O'Coimin talks about the impact that sustainable technology is currently having on physical office design.

The growth of Cloud Computing as well as growing environmental awareness is having a significant impact on the physical office space, as increased virtualisation allows for less physical IT infrastructure.

As broken by International publication Datacentre Dynamics last week, the APC by Schneider Electric team has now launched an updated version of its Netshelter CX soundproofed 'Server Room in a Box', to help facilitate these changes even further. Server and networking technology is increasingly being moved out of the traditional server room and integrated into the open office space, to provide greater economic and environmental efficiency, and this of course is having an impact on the physical office environment.

To read commentary from David O'Coimin on the changing office IT space, as well as leading experts from the Morgan Sindall Group, simply turn to p20 of this online version of the December issue of Networking Communications News.

For further updates, please follow the APC by Schneider Electric Small IT Solutions team @SmallITSolution and you can also follow @morgansindall and @morganlovell for the latest in contemporary office design updates.

03 Dec 2012 13:23:00

Schneider Electric Small IT Solutions Featured in Datacentre Dynamics Magazine

The launch of the updated Netshelter CX was broken earlier this week by Datacentre Dynamics, an International publication for datacentre, news, information, events, and whitepapers.

The new offering, which will provide greater security for server and network equipment, as well as soundproofing for IT deployed within the open office space, is now being produced from our factory here in Frome to be exported to businesses all over the world.

Within the article, Schneider Electric Solution Offer Manager David O'Coimin tells the magazine that the NetShelter CX is the cornerstone of the company's new approach to Infrastruxure for Small IT. 'With these new features in place, we now expect to see use of the CX expand where security is an issue, such as in retail banking, or where It is installed in public areas,' O'Coimin said.

You can read the full article in Datacentre Dynamics here and for all other enquiries about the new model of course please feel free to contact us directly through the contact section of our website.

30 Nov 2012 13:44:00

Net Evolution: New Version of Netshelter CX 'Server Room in a Box' Launched Today

We are thrilled to announced the launch of a new and upgraded version of our unique Netshelter CX 'Server Room in a Box' Solution! Further detailed updates to follow and in the meantime you can read the official press release below...

APC by Schneider Electric launches Evolution of the NetShelter CX 'Server Room in a Box'

A key 'Infrastruxure for Small IT' Solution is Updated to Meet Emerging Challenges in the Distributed IT Space.

London, United Kingdom - Friday 2nd November 2012:
APC by Schneider Electric has today announced the launch of an upgraded version of its NetShelter CX 'Server Room in a Box' solution, designed to help businesses keep up with changes in the small IT Infrastructure space. NetShelter CX is a soundproofed server cabinet that allows IT to be deployed anywhere instantly, saving space, cost and time.

Enhanced Solution for Changing IT Needs
The NetShelter CX 'Server Room in a Box' facilitates the deployment of IT equipment within the open office, significantly reducing the capital and running costs associated with operating a traditional server room. David O'Coimin, Solution Offer Manager for APC by Schneider Electric said, 'Advancements and increased adoption of Cloud Computing solutions as well as Virtualisation and Consolidation strategies for IT are driving a reduction in the requirement for physical infrastructure associated with IT in smaller premises such as satellite and branch offices, SMBs and retailers.

Upgraded Features
Designed to look at home with other office furniture, the 'Server Room In A Box' is already equipped with built-in soundproofing, power distribution, ventilation and mobility. The new and evolved NetShelter CX boasts a series of updates which enhance security and networking features including full-lockability, upgraded latching for additional tamper-resistance, improved accessibility with hinging and removable side doors and rear ventilation units. In addition, the 4-Post EIA Spec rack has been mounted on full depth rails to accommodate extreme server depth requirements.

The rack can also be relocated within the enclosure, allowing, e.g., the cable accessory tray to be installed in the rear instead of the front, and additional tool-less APC accessories to be easily added. This will provide significant benefits for cabling applications, which will become more frequent as the CX is deployed as a Networking Closet as well as a Server Cabinet, or a mix of the two.

There is also now a document holder on the inside of one of the cabinet doors to allow users to store equipment manuals and their own documentation such as network cable locations and maintenance check lists.

NetShelter CX has recently become a cornerstone of Infrastruxure for Small IT, a new Schneider Electric initiative which highlights issues specific to the distributed or small IT environment and offers solutions to meet them. Schneider Electric has identified 12 challenges facing businesses when deploying IT outside the data centre. The NetShelter CX is one of the innovative solutions presented within their new Solution Guides, in particular where speed of deployment or lack of space are an issue.

'The physical on-premise IT infrastructure footprint is changing for businesses in the UK,' said David O'Coimin,  'and we are seeing demand for NetShelter CX for a range of applications in Retail, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, AV and just about anywhere where IT needs deploying, but there is little appetite, budget or space to provide a dedicated room. With these new features in place, we now expect to see use of the CX increase where security is an issue, such as in Retail Banking or where IT is installed in public areas. With its enhanced internal flexibility, NetShelter CX is now a key component for any Networking Solution, and that's the key word here - solution. The NetShelter CX is essentially a vehicle for our partners and customers to build smart, efficient small IT solutions, and to keep them quiet of course'

About Schneider Electric InfraStruxure for Small IT Spaces
Schneider Electric is the Global specialist in Energy Management, providing solutions for power and control, critical power, energy efficiency, automation and renewable energy from plant to plug.

In May 2012 Schneider Electric launched the first-ever physical IT infrastructure offering for businesses in the UK. The new InfraStruxure for Small IT Solution enables those managing IT in office spaces to deploy and manage critical IT infrastructures in small environments, built on capabilities previously available only to large enterprises

The Netshelter CX provides a flexible, secure, soundproofed home for data centre technology within the open office space, dramatically reducing the capital and running costs associated with operating a traditional server room.

For more information please visit http://www.apc.com/products/family/index.cfm?id=468 or search on Youtube or Google for 'NetShelter CX'

02 Nov 2012 14:26:00

David O’Coimin Talks to Frome FM

David O'Coimin, Solution Offer Manager for APC by Schneider Electric and one of the founders of the NetShelter CX Team here in Frome, appeared on the Frome FM business show recently alongside Presenter, Nigel Harris.

Frome FM was launched early in 2012 and has since gone from strength to strength. The business show is a popular weekly program where the presenter, Mr Harris, talks to local entrepreneurs, business owners & managers to get a feel for the business climate in the area and to inform his listeners of all the great initiatives & success stories that bring pride and revenue to the region.

There is a lot going on here at the Netshelter CX factory at the moment, including our recently announced sponsorship of Frome Cricket Club, which was originally published in the Frome Times earlier this year.

Since becoming part of the wider APC by Schneider family last year, the sign above the door at the Netshelter CX factory here in Frome has changed, but of course the staff within it and our ties to the local community have not. This therefore was a great opportunity for David to appear on the show and talk a little bit about the culture of the company and the growth that we are very happy to have been able to enjoy operating from our factory base here in recent years.

In an extensive interview David was asked about an array of business topics including the history of the company, the changing face of business technology, strategic business management, and many more.

Here you can listen to a special 'highlights package' which contains some great images of the NetShelter CX 'in situ' along with a sneak peek inside the Netshelter CX factory in Frome.

You can listen to the full version here and additionally of course for more from the excellent Frome FM you can now tune in and have a listen online.

26 Oct 2012 12:16:00

Preliminary Showing of Small IT Solutions at Microsoft Technology Centre

Last month Schneider Electric's Solution Offer Manager for Small IT Spaces, David O'Coimin, presented to an audience of Distributors, Resellers & Integrators on the subject of 'Changes in the Small IT Space'.

The half day seminar took place at the Microsoft's Technology Centre at Microsoft Campus, Reading, on Thursday 20th September 2012, with the subject matter representing an important benchmark in the changing office IT environment, within which the Schneider Electric Small IT Solution is playing and increasingly integral role.

The theme of the day centred around helping our customers to understand the changes we see taking place outside the data centre, in the distributed IT environments, the server rooms & wiring closets, and now in the open office too. We hope to illuminate these changes in a way that demonstrates what can be done about it, how we are changing to adapt to these new challenges, and how we can help our partners to turn these changes in to opportunity.

The Microsoft Tech Centre (MTC) itself is one of several Global such locations which Microsoft has developed to create collaborative environments that provide access to innovative technologies and world-class expertise, with a focus on helping IT Professionals to understand solutions that meet their company's exact needs.

This provided a fitting facility at which we were able to demonstrate the company's single integrated power and cooling management system as well as other recent APC by Schneider Electric technical innovations, and economic and environmental energy efficiency updates.

Over the coming weeks you can expect to see some important evolutions in the way that the APC by Schneider Electric Small IT Space Solutions develop. This event was a great way to present a preliminary starting point for these changes to selected vendors and that crucial feedback has helped us to develop the offering even further for the coming months - as always, watch this space!

22 Oct 2012 16:32:00

The Netshelter CX is being incorporated in to Schneider Electric’s ‘Small IT Solutions’

The Netshelter CX soundproofed 'Server Room in a Box' has been evolving over the past year. Today it sees itself as a cornerstone component of the 'Small IT Solutions' suite of products. This solution-set has been established by Schneider Electric to meet the evolving needs of small IT environments.

In 2011, the Netshelter CX became part of the Schneider Electric family. One of the primary reasons for Schneider Electric adding the NetShelter CX to its portfolio of solutions was the obvious changes taking place on the business premises, affected for the most part by reduced budgets and disruptive technologies such as Virtualisation and then Cloud Computing.

The pressures on space in this environment have continued to increase while the physical size of office IT equipment has gone in the opposite direction, shrinking to the point that it starts to question the need for dedicated IT rooms in many cases, especially at the smaller end of the scale.

The proclivity toward Cloud in particular, and the need to serve more users with more data, on more devices in more locations puts a huge focus on the connectivity of the business network too now, more than ever before.

It is with these challenges in mind that Schneider Electric is now focussing its energies heavily on shaping infrastructure solutions around the Small IT Space.

So what is a Small IT Space? Well, realistically, it is any non-Data Centre space where IT is needed. So think enterprise offices, branch offices, small businesses, retail locations, education environments, government offices, laboratories, and so on.

As the Netshelter CX has integrated into the wider APC portfolio, this soundproofed, portable server cabinet has evolved to become a complete small IT space solution, capable of housing the entire network infrastructure necessary to run an IT network. This product can integrate a whole host of component parts such as UPS for power backup, switched PDU for remote management, Netbotz for environmental monitoring & security, as well as further APC cabling accessories and networking applications. 

It can also be used to deployed a fully integrated solution, such as an engineering workstation, a healthcare application, a financial transaction hub, a disaster recovery system - the potential for wrapping-up applications, connectivity, storage and back-up in this quick to deploy, off the shelf enclosure is enormous.

So as part of our move in under the 'Infrastruxure for Small IT' banner, we will be evolving such elements as our Twitter handle, our Blog name, our Pinterest Page and our G+ presence with immediate effect.

We hope you will join in the discussion, share with us your needs in the Small IT Space.

There will be further news to follow as we grow our product range even further in this exciting space, but in the meantime please just rest assured that you can expect the same levels of quality service and advice from our team of experts however you choose to contact us!

The small IT space is huge right now, as the economy and technology bring about change while businesses across the Globe recognise the value of switching to more economic, efficient and environmentally friendly ways of operating their office IT. We here at the Small IT Solutions team at Schneider Electric are delighted to be growing with that change, and helping our customers and friends make better choices for their networks in and around the small IT space.

22 Oct 2012 12:02:00

Schneider Electric Netshelter CX Team Enjoys Away Day at Frome Cricket Club

As announced in the local press earlier this year, Schneider Electric is now the primary sponsorship partner of Frome Cricket Club.

This partnership has been extremely exciting for the Netshelter CX Team, part of the APC by Schneider Electric family, with our factory in Frome located just a couple of miles down the road from the Club's Ground.

In June, David O'Coimin, Dave Galvin, Dave Parry, Richard Corp, Matt Thorne and Mark Burfoot from the Netshelter CX Team, attended Frome Cricket Club to accept a prestigious Club Shirt with Schneider Electric logo emblazoned on the front and to mark the first day of our sponsorship. You can view this Season's Frome Cricket Club shirt, along with some images of the sponsorship unveiling ceremony, on the Netshelter CX Google+ page.

Participation in Local 6-Aside Tournament
Recently our local NetShelter CX Manufacturing Team were delighted to be invited along to the Frome Cricket Club grounds to take part in a special six-aside tournament

There were some fantastic highlights from the day: Not least Matt Dredge - he of a famous Frome Cricket Club Surname - being bowled out for a Golden Duck, by an under 16 no less. Gary Butler assumed the mantle of all round star to put in what can only be described as a 'stunning shift', and Rich Corp, playing slightly below his normal stellar ability, undoubtedly enjoyed the refreshments provided.

James Lloyd shared an innings at bat with Matt Thorne, but both were somewhat anxious about the prospect of leaving the stumps and actually running, while conversely Dave Parry ran further than anyone has seen him go in the past 10 years.

Sincere thanks and congratulations to the people of Frome Cricket Club, to our own team for taking part in great spirits and in particular to our very own common denominator of both teams, Clive Carver, who played a key role in bringing the parties together, to the mutual benefit and gratitude of all, and who led by example on the day, both on and off the pitch.

You can visit the Frome Cricket website to keep up to date with their latest news and scores here, and for more information on Schneider Electric's sponsorship of Frome Cricket Club, you can read our online press release here.

All images come courtesy of Richard Corp - our very own budding photographer! Additionally, a member of the Netshelter CX team also captured the short video below.

Great to see the Schneider Electric logo up there on the side of the Pavilion and a beautiful time of day to have captured this little bit of footage just as the sun is beginning to set and a Cider or two is going down! Can't argue with that music either can we...We would like to again thank Frome Cricket Club for their hospitality and everybody who attended the event! Great job guys.

12 Sep 2012 15:28:00

The Netshelter CX Gets a Mention in Entrepreneur Country Magazine

The Netshelter CX soundproofed 'Server Room in a Box' has been cited this month in Entrepreneur Country Magazine, as a 'superb example of a UK business successfully exploiting the exports market.' The publication, which was founded by Ariadne Capital CEO and Online Dragons Den Dragon, Julie Meyer, is the leading magazine in the UK for championing entrepreneurship and small business growth.

In a post entitled 'UK Entrepreneurs Must Look to international Markets for Success', Paul Reynolds of The Capella Shutter Company talks about the importance of international trade for SMEs and start-ups as well as larger Global organisations.

Many businesses look to the Netshelter CX when going through times of growth or change, making it the perfect solution for members of the UK's Entrepreneurial community who may be setting up new businesses or building upon existing success. To this day many people remain unaware that it is usually possible to house a complete ICT network outside of the traditional server room, and the Netshelter CX Cabinet allows for the deployment of this technology within the open office space.

Huge changes are taking place in UK and Global business at present with regard to the shrinking of the physical IT infrastructure space. Where endless rows of servers were once needed to fuel the infrastructure of individual offices, Cloud hosting and Virtualisation increasingly mean that less physical hardware needs to be deployed on-site. The Netshelter CX team are proudly helping businesses across the world adapt to these changes by providing lighter and more flexible physical infrastructure solutions.

We are very pleased to have received this coverage in a publication that champions British industry and design in what is undoubtedly a difficult - though improving - time for the manufacturing industry and the UK economy at large.

06 Sep 2012 11:26:00

Join us on Pinterest

The Netshelter CX soundproofed 'Server Room in a Box' can now be found on Pinterest at: http://pinterest.com/netsheltercx/the-netshelter-cx-server-room-in-a-box/.

With so many online platforms now available to choose from, it can be difficult to know how best to interact with customers directly and to showcase the awesome soundproofing capabilities of our unique product.

In the case of Pinterest, this attractive online 'Look Book' provides a very user friendly and visual showcase for our work whilst also giving you the option to share with colleagues or any resellers, office fitters, or interior designers you may be using to update your current office ICT infrastructure.

The board provides a snapshot of our different models along with a few select images from the various awards, events, sponsorships, and international partnerships we have been involved with in recent months.
We hope you will enjoy our online gallery, which we are updating all the time.

For our full range of online images you can also join us on Google+ or alternatively why not check out the video tours section of our website.

24 Aug 2012 15:05:00

Sneak Peak Inside The Netshelter CX Factory in Frome

You may have seen (and heard) what's inside the unique Netshleter CX Server Room in a box, and if not we have a whole host of videos to view on the Video Section of our website.

Additionally, we thought it might be nice to give our customers and those working within our industry a sneak peak at what goes on here at the Netshelter CX factory in Frome.

The Netshelter CX is exported all over the World, to territories as far reaching as Latin America, Japan, Russia, China, and South America, and every single model originates from right here in Frome, Somerset, where we have been turning out cabinets for over 5 years.

Many people are amazed when we tell them this, especially the folks we meet at conferences and Trade shows from Las Vegas to New Zealand. They are often especially taken back by the fact that each individual cabinet is hand-made, meaning every single unit we produce is finished to the highest of standards.    

Indeed without the skill and craftsmanship that goes into the building of the Netshelter CX we would not be able to produce such effective - and aesthetically pleasing - products. The result is a unique sound-proofed cabinet that cannot be recreated anywhere else in the World, and we are very proud to produce this work now as part of the APC by Schneider Electric family. 

Taking skills from the local workforce including carpentry, design, and furniture build, we have reapplied these skillsets to the burgeoning Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector, applying our local workforce here in Frome to where demand is needed most in the marketplace.

In this instance it is the Data Centre market, where Global business is increasingly waking up to the economic and environmental costs of adhering to the old ways of working, and discovering new ones.

In typical usage, our portable soundproofed server cabinets can reduce server noise by a perceived 90% and - when compared to a traditional server room - reduce floor space by 90%, operating costs by 98%, and capital costs by up to 80%.

For more information please take a look at the video we have filmed inside the factory to accompany this post. In addition to a little bit of background on the marketplace from Schneider Solutions Offer Manager, David O'Coimin, and Netshelter CX Factory Manager, Dave Galvin, there is some great footage in there showing the process by which the CX is assembled.

To see more shots from inside our factory then please feel free to view them on our Google+ page here and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for all the latest Netshelter CX news and announcements.

30 Jul 2012 11:11:00

Frome-Built Netshelter CX 'Server Room in a Box' Expands International Operations

The Netshelter CX team recently announced that it has expanded operations from our factory in Frome to include exports to a number of International Markets. Through this - and the application of the local skilled workforce to the growing Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector to which our soundproofed server cabinets cater, the Netshelter CX team -- now part of the APC by Schneider Electric family -- is very pleased to be ramping up production in our factory in Frome.

The full press release surrounding this story along with accompanying videos and images can be read below:

UK-Based Manufacturer Uses International Markets to Beat Local Recession

London, Friday 27th July 2012: Information & Communications Technology (ICT) manufacturer & global energy giant, Schneider Electric, today announced that its NetShelter CX product has expanded operations into significant new international markets in the last year. The South-West based NetShelter CX Team - makers of portable, soundproofed server cabinets - now export to Latin America, Japan, China, Russia and South America, all from a manufacturing facility in Frome, Somerset.

The company's unique 'Server Room in a Box' solution to Datacentre storage dramatically reduces the costs and environmental implications associated with the operation of a traditional server room, and allows for the deployment of computer server technology within the open office space. In typical usage, the Netshelter CX can reduce can reduce server noise by a perceived 90% and - when compared to a traditional server room - reduce floor space by 90%, operating costs by 98%, and capital costs by up to 80%.

 International Acclaim

Latin American Channel Award Winner
Netshelter CX already boasts an impressive Global portfolio of 5,000+ customers using the product,  from SMEs to businesses and institutions of all shapes and sizes including the likes of Walt Disney, Innocent Drinks, Boeing, Shell, the BBC, and even The White House. Having  joined the APC by Schneider Electric family in June 2011, and scooped the Award for Most Innovative Product for Corporate at the Latin American Channel Awards in October 2011, the NetShelter CX facility is on-course to achieving a 20% increase in manufacturing output in Frome by the end of 2012. 

Growth in Exports
Despite more buoyant figures in recent days the UK manufacturing sector at large continues to stutter, with combined factors including the Eurozone crisis and weak domestic demand currently holding the sector at 8% below its pre-recession peak. While the weak domestic market has caused a many to scale back, the Netshelter CX team have found growth through exporting.

'We haven't experienced a decline in demand here at the Netshelter CX factory in Frome,' said David O'Coimin, Managing Director of Netshelter CX and Solutions Offer Manager for Schneider Electric. 'Now especially as part of the APC by Schneider Electric family we're seeing increased demand for our soundproofed server cabinets, all over the world. There is a temptation in times of economic hardship to batten down all hatches, including marketing. However we've learned that by engaging with markets outside the UK we have found that there are opportunities to stabilise and grow.'   

Schneider Electric Sponsorship of Frome Cricket Club
Local Workforce
One of the factors behind the success of the NetShelter CX product has been the company's ability to take skills from the local workforce, including carpentry and industrial design, and reapply them to the burgeoning ICT sector. 
The acoustic & ventilated rack cabinets that are created in the Netshelter CX factory in Frome are unique in that they blend in with traditional office furniture. And because you can now put a quiet, portable, ventilated housing for noisy computer servers right in the open office, they have quickly become a integral piece of equipment for an ICT industry in transition due to disruptive technologies such as Cloud Computing and Virtualisation, and one with a growing environmental awareness.

'We're a very nimble business capable of fast-paced change and nowhere is that more apparent than at the Netshelter CX factory here in Frome,'
said Dave Galvin, Netshelter CX Factory Manager, Schneider Electric. 'Here we have taken skills from the local workforce - things like traditional manufacturing, design, carpentry skills, and applied them to solving a different and unique challenge which is the soundproofing of computer server cabinets in the open office environment. The building of products for what is a growing need in the ICT sector is creating local jobs here in the South West and putting more traditional manufacturing skills to good use in a modern, high-tech savvy sector.'

About Schneider Electric in Frome
The APC by Schneider Electric 'Netshelter CX' has been developed and manufactured from its base on the Marston Trading Estate since 2004. The NetShelter CX is a sound-proofed & portable 'Server Room in a Box', which allows customers to deploy noisy IT equipment within the office environment. For more information visit: www.kellsystems.co.uk.

27 Jul 2012 12:19:00

NetShelter CX Team’s Research Study Published in Data Centre News

Following coverage in Network Communications News (NCN) last week, the latest research study by the NetShelter CX team at APC by Schneider Electric has now also been featured in Data Centre News, a brand new publication aimed specifically at IT Managers and wider company IT decision makers.

Highlighting the issue of Datacentre overcooling within global business, the report pulls together a number of sources that analyse current average datacentre temperatures and the evidence suggesting that many businesses could be overcooling them.

It is a debate which continues to gather momentum in the industry, with the likes of Google, Microsoft, Facebook and even the American Society for Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (ASHRAE) all having had their public say.

This further coverage underlines the growing prominence of this issue within the Informations & Communications Technology (ICT) Sector, as businesses around the world become more and more aware of the economic and environmental impacts that using excess energy can have.

The Netshelter CX team is delighted to be leading the way in analysis surrounding this issue, as the industry at large gets to grips with more efficient and economic ways of working. The main issue can often be a lack of understanding in the marketplace, and hopefully now as part of the wider APC by Schneider Electric family we can help further businesses to optimise their Small IT Space, Server Room and Network ICT needs.

For further results from the Netshelter CX Data Centre Temperature Study please visit the Netshelter CX blog here.

Alternatively, for the full results of the study along with advice and insight into Small IT Technology Environment best practices, please get in contact with a member of the Netshelter CX team directly at NetShelterCX@Schneider-Electric.com or call us on  +44 (0) 118 903 7850.

18 Jul 2012 10:42:00

Netshelter CX Research Study Published in Network Communications News

The key findings from an industry report carried out by the Netshelter CX team into optimum datacentre temperatures have been published in this month's edition of Network Communications News.

The report shows that many UK-based and global businesses could be overcooling their Server Room Data centres by up to 8°Celcius.

With the debate warming up in recent months this is an issue that is becoming increasingly central to Global Data centre Management, with the likes of Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Intel all having their public say.

In an article that features on page 6 of the July issue of Network Communications News, and can also be viewed via the online version of the magazine here, David O'Coimin, Solution Offer Manager for APC by Schneider Electric, outlines the economic and environmental benefits of increasing datacentre temperature:

'Data centre temperature is a growing concern for global business particularly in these times of growing economic and environmental awareness,' said O'Coimin. 'In order to make something environmentally sustainable, you first need to make it economically viable, to ensure that it is within businesses interests to adopt and adapt to new technology. As the figures clearly show, by easing server cooling by a couple of degrees Celcius, globally business can save itself billions, with huge environmental benefits.'

With a monthly circulation of more than 15,000 network, data, and telecommunications professionals, Network Communications News is the leading publication in its sector. The inclusion of these findings so prominently in the magazine highlights the growing importance of the issue of datacentre temperature to the Information & Communications Technology field.

For further results from the Netshelter CX Data centre Temperature Study please visit the Netshelter CX blog here.

Alternatively for the full results of the study along with advice and insight into how incorporating the Netshelter CX can help to reduce the costs of your office ICT solution, please get in contact ith a member of the Netshelter CX team directly at info@kellsystems.co.uk or call us on  +44 (0) 118 903 7850.

05 Jul 2012 10:57:00

Cabinet Office: UK Govt. Gearing up ICT to Save Taxpayer Money

Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude, announced earlier this month that the Government had reached a 'major milestone' in its attempt to achieve more from its annual Information & Communications Technology spend.

The Public Services Network (PSN) has been set-up to create a single network and marketplace for public sector communications and assist the Government in maximising return on investment in ICT.

"The goal of the Government's ICT Strategy is to ensure we can deliver smarter, more cost-effective, modern public services," said Maude. "The PSN will drive savings and efficiencies by removing duplicate network connections, providing simpler procurement and greater competition, and allowing public sector employees to work in more flexible, user-focused ways."

Helping public and private sector businesses to reduce their Server Room capital and running costs is one of the core focusses of the Netshelter CX team, part of the APC by Schneider Electric family, through our very own 'office cabinet'.

The Netshelter CX portable 'Server Room in a Box' has been adopted by public and private sector organisations all over the world, from companies as wide ranging as Innocent Drinks and Tommy Hilfiger, to Microsoft and Boeing, and allows for the soundproofed deployment of computer server technology anywhere within the open office space.

Within the public sector we currently cater to numerous UK and Global institutions, including the likes of the United Nations, the NHS, NATO, The White House, and a number of local UK Government Councils and Primary Care Trusts.

In addition to the soundproofing capabilities that the Netshelter CX brings in terms of reducing computer server noise, it can often in many cases eliminate the need for a traditional server room, which of course dramatically reduces the amount of floor space and heavy duty air conditioning needed to run office servers on an annual basis.

In a typical usage, the Netshelter CX can reduce can reduce server noise by a perceived 90% and - when compared to a traditional server room - reduce floor space by 90%, operating costs by 98%, and capital costs by up to 80%.

Point being: There is still a great deal of misunderstanding within UK and Global business about what exactly is required to efficiently run home and office server technology, which is central to all modern ICT in the workplace. Technologies have moved on greatly within the past five years, but undoubtedly the practices that businesses employ around their office ICT have not moved at the same speed.

You can learn more about the environmental and economic impact that this lack of awareness is currently having on the cost of Global business here on the Netshelter CX blog, and we welcome the UK Government's growing awareness of the cost-savings can be made through more efficient public sector ICT.

27 Jun 2012 09:41:00

Frome Cricket Club Unveils Schneider Electric as Primary Partner

London, Friday 15th June 2012: Frome Cricket Club, which plays in the Somerset Division of the West of England Premier League, today announced Schneider Electric as the Club's Primary Partner for the 2012/2013 seasons. Schneider Electric, a Global specialist in energy management, manufactures the popular Netshelter CX product solely from its Frome home and was keen to develop further ties with the local community.

The deal will see Schneider Electric unveiled as the main shirt sponsors of Frome Cricket Club, who got their season off to a winning start with a 10-run victory away to Westlands in Yeovil at the start of the season.

Clive Carver, employee at the Frome factory and Cricket Club member commented: 'This partnership has great potential for both parties. We have a chance to link up on a sporting and social level within the community. Family Social memberships offered to all of my fellow employees give everyone the chance to not only watch Cricket, but also to participate in friendly tournaments and enjoy the thriving social events throughout the year.'

Nick Larder, Vice Chairman of FCC comments: 'Frome Cricket Club are extremely privileged to enjoy this exciting new partnership with Schneider Electric. To have a partnership with a Global business with a manufacturing centre in the town is fantastic for the club and shows the positive vibe that surrounds Frome as a town. The new shirts and signage add a professional look to the team and clubhouse and have injected a new team ethos to the whole club. We look forward to developing our partnership with Schneider Electric within Frome Cricket Club and the community over the coming years.'

'We are very proud to announce this partnership between Schneider Electric and Frome Cricket Club,' said David O'Coimin, Solutions Offer Manager for Schneider Electric. 'The 87 year old Club is a cornerstone of the local Community, and we are delighted to be able to contribute to both the club and the community in this way. We are all looking forward to a fruitful, lasting, mutually beneficial relationship, and to joining the club at the Showground and clubhouse for a practice game one day soon, and to honing our own Cricket skills, however bad they may currently be.'

About Schneider Electric in Frome 
The APC by Schneider Electric 'Netshelter CX' has been developed and manufactured from its base on the Marston Trading Estate since 2004. The NetShelter CX is a sound-proofed & portable 'Server Room in a Box', which allows customers to deploy noisy IT equipment within the office environment. The product has been sold to 5,000+ small, medium, and multinational businesses including Microsoft, Nasa, Shell, The UK Royal Navy and the Red Bull Formula 1 Racing Team. For more information visit: http://www.kellsystems.co.uk

About Frome Cricket Club
Frome Cricket Club was formed in 1925, and currently plays in the Somerset Division of the West of England Premier League. The Club plays at the old Showground on the Bath side of town. For further information visit: http://fromecricketclub.co.uk.

15 Jun 2012 14:09:00

Datacentre Design and Beyond – How Do You Define ‘Design’?

A request came through on Twitter today which we thought was interesting: How do you define 'design'?

David O'Coimin, Solution Offer Manager for Schneider Electric and keen industrial design professional has  given us his view:

"A designer ultimately needs to be a jack of all trades and a master... of pulling them together in to a cohesive team focused on the goal of creating & sustaining a design solution. A good design is the embodiment of a solution which maximises an opportunity. This solution, at its best, incorporates the findability, supply, usability, function & service of the solution."

What do you think? Tweet us your responses at @NetShelterCX.

07 Jun 2012 16:25:00

Figures Relating to Global Datacentre Temperature & Emissions

A growing topic of debate in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector so far this year has been the overcooling of computer servers in datacentres/server rooms, which is causing huge economic and environmental waste on a Global level.

Intel waded into the debate earlier this year, joining the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to argue for an increase in Global datacentre temperature, which could produce significant economic and environmental benefits.

Here we have provided a short media brief containing key facts and analyses on this growing story:

Schneider Electric Datacentre Cross Section View
• The ICT sector is estimated to be responsible for approximately 2% of total Global carbon emissions, with datacentres/server rooms accounting for 14% of this total output. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_center 

• Despite Virtualisation and Cloud hosting revolutionising the ICT sector, it is estimated that at current rates datacentre related emissions will have more than tripled by 2020. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_center

• Many European firms are currently running their office servers at a temperature of approximately 19-21 degrees Celsius, a level of cooling which Richard George, director of cloud services at Intel, believes to be unnecessarily low. http://www.comms-express.com/news/server-racks/cabinets/warmer-data-centres-can-save-money-801254746/ 

•According to figures published in the Datacenter Journal earlier this year, maintaining this kind of environment at the current temperature level costs business around $27bn per annum and eats up around 1.5% of world power. By easing server temperature, argue Intel, we could be looking at Global power savings of $2.4bn per year - which buys a lot of solar panels, with or without the current UK Government subsidies. http://www.datacenterjournal.com/the-daily-buzz/intel-hotting-things-up/ 

•Intel believes that server temperatures can be eased, and cites both Facebook and Microsoft as examples of Global leaders already saving hundreds of thousands by increasing the temperature by between 2 and 4ºC. http://news.techworld.com/data-centre/3327444/intel-tells-data-centre-managers-turn-up-heat/ 

Testing the soundproofing capabilities of the NetShelter CX
•The American society for Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers last year called for a rise in upper data-centre temperature from 25 to 27 degrees Celsius. http://kellsystems.blogspot.com/2011/04/new-data-centre-temperature-guidelines_20.html 

•"Datacentre temperature is a growing concern for Global business particularly in these times of heightened environmental and economic awareness,' said David O'Coimin, Solution Offer Manager, APC by Schneider Electric. 'In order to make something environmentally sustainable, you must first make it economically viable, to ensure that it is within businesses' interests to adopt and adapt to new technology. As the figures clearly show, by easing server cooling by a couple of degrees Celsius, Gobally business can save itself billions, with huge environmental benefits.'

•Based on an average office server room output of 4.6kWh (kilowatt hours) which remains operational to house office servers 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, a traditional server room will consume 40,296 kW of electricity annually. With 1kWh producing 0.054 tons of CO2, this results in a total annual CO2 output of 27.7 tons or 21,760kg.

•The annual CO2 emissions produced by just ONE typical small office server room requires the work of 3,416 trees to break down the carbon over the course of a year. http://www.comms-express.com/news/server-racks/cabinet-accessories/study-sheds-light-on-server-room-co2-output-800590454/ 

•Comparably, over the same period of time, and based on their own typical hours of operation, a household iron will produce 3.2kg of CO2, or a television 23.7kg. http://www.cornhusker-power.com/householdappliances.asp 

The NetShelter CX blends effortlessly into the background
•According to the Tufts University Office of Sustainability, a 25 year old forest of white or red pines can only absorb 9,826lbs of CO2 per acre. Given that just one server room requires 4.88 acres, or a total of 3,416 trees, to break down its annual CO2 output, this means that it will take one tree 4,101 years to break down the annual CO2 output of one office server room. Tufts University Office of Sustainability 

•In typical usage, the Netshelter CX server room in a box can reduce perceived noise by approximately 90%, CO2 emissions by 97%, capital costs by 80% and operating costs by 98% when compared with a heavily air-conditioned Server Room. www.kellsystems.co.uk Further information on the Netshelter CX 'Server Room in a Box' The Kell Systems Netshelter CX - now a part of the APC by Schneider Electric family - replaces the need for a traditional computer room, using quiet forced-air cooling. This helps solve the fast-growing problem of server cooling, which typically uses as much energy as powering the servers themselves, and means that servers are quiet enough to run in an open office. For further information please visit www.kellsystems.co.uk.

28 May 2012 16:33:00

NetShelter CX Server Room in a Box Live With Cisco in London

In February of this year the NetShelter CX team was proud to attend the Cisco Live event at the Excel in London. Running with the theme 'Learn. Connect. Collaborate.Together.' the event was used as a platform on which to launch a number of Schneider Electric and Cisco product pairings.

There has for many years now been a growing synergy between Cisco and Schneider Electric in the Energy Management and Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sectors, as the numerous joint projects and strategic partnerships the two companies are working on together across the Globe continue to demonstrate.

The Schneider Electric and Cisco EnergyWise-based Energy Management Solution for buildings and IT - which was unveiled at Cisco Live -- offers one strong example of this. Schneider Electric's TORANA gateway provides important integration between Cisco EnergyWise and StruxureWare, Andover Continuum, TAC Vista, TAC I/A or any Schneider Electric system supporting Modbus/TCP, creating a product pairing aimed at improving energy efficiency.

The project has already received widespread press coverage throughout the Global trade press.

The NetShelter CX, which is an important tool in Schneider Electric's portfolio of solutions for Small IT Spaces, was also present at the event. Here's Solution Offer Manager David O'Coimin talking about how the CX fits in to the whole Small IT picture and how it can be used as a key spoke in the data centre hub.

It's a busy old schedule for the Netshelter CX this year, which will be going on the road to make appearances at events around the world throughout the conference season.

As mentioned previously on our blog, the very first moment when attendees experience the soundproofing capabilities of the NetShelter CX 'Server Room in a Box' first hand is priceless, as the doors are closed and the Server noise inside seems to completely disappear. This 'magic trick' tends to make the NetShelter CX a huge draw at live events, as Jennifer Wendt, Head of Social Media for Schneider Electric, recently tweeted about from the Interop Event in Las Vegas, which we'll be bringing you further feedback from later this week.

You can find images from our most recent events on our Google+ page, and please stay tuned to our blog as well as our all new Twitter handle, @NetShelterCX for information on upcoming events at which you can get a demo of the NetShelter CX.

In the meantime, hear the incredible soundproofing capabilities of the Server Room In A Box first hand on Schneider Electric TV:

24 May 2012 14:42:00

Making the Case for Portable Server Centre Naming

The Netshelter CX, part of the APC by Schneider Electric family, is a pioneering product in a fledgling Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector. Clients include everyone from the likes of the BBC and the Red Bull Formula 1 Racing Team, to Google and Microsoft, and there is even a Netshelter CX in The Whitehouse.

Offering multiple physical ICT housing advantages including soundproofing, space-savings, security, accessibility, mobility, and a range of economic and environmental benefits, this 'server room in a box' as it has come to be known by many offers a complete solution to server storage.

However, because of the myriad of solutions that the Netshelter CX provides, it can often categorised under a range of different guises by customers, many of whom have not yet dared to dream that the Netshelter exists as a holistic offering when searching for solutions to their individual problems.

The Netshelter CX is known within the industry as everything from a quiet server enclosure, to a server cabinet, a soundproofed computer enclosure, an acoustic server case, an IT cooling solution, a server in a box, and most commonly and perhaps also most accurately a complete Server Room in a Box.

In an attempt to clarify the web of interchangeable descriptives that are often used to describe the Netshelter CX, we have created the handy guide below, highlighting its multiple capabilities.

Guide to Portable Server Centre Naming



















19 Apr 2012 09:30:00

Kell Systems Twitter Account Switches to NetShelter CX

Last year Kell Systems became a part of the APC by Schneider Electric family - a story which received widespread media coverage around the world.

In 2012 this has allowed us to make a number of exciting updates to our products and services, including recently announcing the availability of our suite of Quiet Server Cabinet solutions exclusively through APC by Schneider Electric Partner Resellers.

As of today, we will also be switching our @KellSystems Twitter account over to the @NetShelterCX alias, and you can view our new page at: https://twitter.com/NetShelterCX

This allows us to position our speciality (designing & making acoustic IT enclosures) within the wider portfolio of Schneider Electric solutions, and serves as a useful tool for us to build awareness around the flagship NetShelter CX 'Server Room In A Box', which is our bread and butter.

Those of you who have grown familiar with our tweets over the past twelve months do not fret, the same friendly team will continue to be on hand to answer your queries and share the latest industry news in real time, throughout the working week, (and sometimes beyond!)

We take our relationships with our direct customers and our resellers very seriously, and the advent of social media has come at just the right time for the NetShelter CX, in allowing us to keep in direct contact with all of you as we expand not only domestically but also increasingly across the Globe.

On that subject, some of you may have read the recent Netshelter CX news from South Africa, where our soundproofed Server Room In A Box was unveiled to Resellers & Distributers in Johannesburg and Cape Town, at a partner launch event. And last year we were extremely proud that the NetShelter CX received the Innovation of the Year Award at the Latin American Channel Awards, expanding our already global news footprint even further into this burgeoning market.

In this way, new and emerging social media platforms are not only helping us to stay connected to the wider world, but also bringing the international APC by Schneider Electric family even closer together.

So just to confirm the NetShelter CX Twitter account will as of today officially be changing to, @NetShelterCX, and it will remain the go-to place for the latest small IT solutions news for the UK, the US, and Globally.

For more information, or simply to try out the new update, why not tweet us at @NetShelterCX!

05 Apr 2012 15:08:00

Netshelter CX: The Key to Adaptable Server Hosting

One thing that the Netshelter CX team like to do as much as possible is get out and demonstrate the uniqueness of our products in person, as exemplified by our highly successful South Africa launch events in Johannesburg and Cape Town last month.

You just can't beat the look of joy in somebody's face when the cabinet doors are closed, and they realise for themselves the awesome sound-proofing qualities that the Netshelter CX possesses!

Earlier this year, we attended the IT Roadmap Conference & Expo at the Javtis Centre in New York as part of the APC by Schneider Electric family.

Having sponsored and sent Steven Carlini Sr Director, Data Center Global Solutions, APC by Schneider Electric, along to speak at the event, we had already received a huge amount of interest in the Netshelter CX before it had even begun.

We decided to have some further fun with this on our stand!

Special marketing literature in the shape of keys was created and distributed around the conference centre, to invite people along to hear Steven Carlini speak, as well as to the stand itself, and asking the question, 'Will your key unlock the Netshelter CX for a chance to win a Kindle Fire?'

Guests to our stand were then invited to pick a real key from a very large fish bowl and whichever key unlocked the Netshelter CX won the prize. This was a great way to demonstrate the accessibility of our cabinets as well as getting to know our stand visitors a little better.

We also like the interactivity that this promotion presented from a marketing point of view, as it again represented an opportunity for people to actually come and engage with the products first hand, and get a feel for what they were buying.

One of the main advantages of the Netshelter CX is that it makes the office environment more enjoyable, creating more space for office employees and crucially reducing the noise created by office servers.

As our start-up Frome-based UK business has blossomed into a thriving Global enterprise and now also become part of the APC by Schneider Electric family, we are delighted to have been able to stay in touch with our customers directly face to face in this way.

For further information on events we will be attending please stay tuned to our blog, and for further information on the Netshelter CX of course please feel free to get in contact with us directly.

In the meantime, if you simply can't wait to experience the sound-proofing capabilities of the CX for yourself in 'real life' here is the magic trick on video, in all its glory!

04 Apr 2012 13:04:00

Free Home Energy Audits Provided by new UK Govt. Pilot Scheme

A new scheme has this week been announced in the UK aimed at simultaneously getting young people into employment in the environmental and energy sectors and providing free home energy and assessments to London residents.

The Waterloo Energy Academy - which has been set up by the Waterloo Community Development Group and Sustainable Communities along with Government funding - sees 18-26yr olds benefiting from free training and certification in the growing energy & environmental sectors, and in turn creating value for the local community by way of actually going into people's homes and assessing their current energy usage.

Sustainable living is becoming an increasingly topical issue in the UK and around the world, and reducing the CO2 output produced by computer servers in both the home and commercial office spaces is a big part of the solution that the NetShelter CX 'Server Room in a Box' provides.

We have spoken many times on our blog about the growing issue of over cooling data-centres, as well as some of the more energy efficient ways that are currently being explored by leading operator throughout the world to minimise datacentre CO2 output.

Google's use of recycled water for datacentre cooling and Microsoft's recent study into the possibility of recycling the energy by-product produced by computer servers to heat the home, are two examples of leading Global companies who are taking huge steps forward in this area.

More generally the ICT and sustainable energy sectors look set to merge even further over the coming years. In order to make sustainable products and services appealing, companies must first make them economically sustainable to ensure their widespread adoption.

Global business is beginning to realise that making environmental changes to their ICT infrastructure ultimately also has long term economic benefits for their operating costs.

It's great to see such a positive scheme doing so much for the local community, and while currently localised to the Waterloo area of London we would expect to see a lot more of these schemes introduced in the UK and around the world as the energy and environmental sectors b
ecome increasingly more important to the economy at large.

For details on the Waterloo Energy Academy you can join them on Twitter, and for further information on the environmental and economic benefits of the Netshelter CX please visit the case studies section of our site.

21 Mar 2012 16:32:00

Announcing Important Buying Improvements

There have been a lot of exciting updates made to our products and services ranges in recent months, and this week is no exception, as we announce improvements in how to buy from us.

You can now buy your Soundproofed Server Room in a Box, along with the rest of your essential IT, from your local APC provider. This follows on from the addition of the Netshelter CX to the APC by Schneider Electric family last year, which by now regular readers of our blog will be familiar with.

In all of this change it is important to note that we will remain 100% available to be your expert 'Quiet Rack' point of contact, with Nicole Dickinson standing by to answer your questions and help in any way.

For information on these wider changes we have devised the following guides.

Because some of you are End Users and others Resellers, we have split these guides into two to show you exactly what our buying improvements mean, and rest assured that both include the same tempting promotion to go out and purchase the Netshelter CX right now!

End User click here

Reseller click here

Finally, if you are not based in the UK, or you are buying NetShelter CX for use outside of the UK, you can now buy everything you need from an APC provider local to your requirement. Contact Us now to find out more.

14 Mar 2012 14:19:00

Netshelter CX launches in South Africa

The Netshelter CX Soundproofed Server Room in a Box has been launched in South Africa, at special events hosted by Marie-Louise Devine from the UK-based Netshelter CX team.

Across two events hosted in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South African colleagues and APC by Schneider Electric valued partners were invited to experience the soundproofing wonders of the Netshelter CX 'Server Room in a Box' first hand. Both events were well attended, providing a fitting platform for getting to know APC by Schneider Electrics' important new solution for small IT spaces.

The Netshelter CX facilitates the hosting of server equipment anywhere in the open office space, effectively managing the ambient environment of office servers while dramatically reducing their sound levels.

Now available throughout Africa and the Middle East, the Netshelter CX is stocked locally throughout each region, providing a Global solution to the international issue of efficient server energy management.

Already a Global force in the international datacentre market, Kell Systems became part of the APC by Schneider Electric family towards the middle of last year and has since gone from strength to strength on the international stage, winning Innovation of the Year Award at the Latin American Channel Awards at the end of last year.

08 Mar 2012 12:29:00

Kell News

Kell Systems proudly donates to RNLI project

Kell Systems has donated a Portable Server Environment (AR40) soundproof cabinet to the NextGenUs “Together We Are The Network” Charity Project which seeks to improve rural communications infrastructure, starting with the installation of a super-fast broadband connection for the RNLI crew of the Humber lifeboat and their families, who live at the very tip of Spurn Point in Hull. It will give them internet access 50 times faster than that of most domestic customers, which can only be rivalled by networks in Japan and South Korea.

14 August 2009 | Read More

Kell Systems Launches New Websites

April 9, 2009, Kell Systems unveils its new websites, featuring a more up-to-date design and a greatly improved content structure.

April, 2009 | Read More

Kell Systems Unveils NetShelter CX Mini™: An Affordable Computer Room Alternative for Small Offices

New forced-air-cooled acoustic IT enclosure for small office IT installations

London, UK, January 29, 2009 - Kell Systems today announced the launch of NetShelter CX Mini™, adding a compact, small-office solution to its world-leading range of Portable Server Environments. NetShelter CX Mini™, through a combination of extreme noise reduction and high thermal capacity, enables small businesses to deploy servers and network hardware directly in the office workspace, doing away with the need for a dedicated computer room. Its office-grade appearance blends seamlessly into any work space and it eliminates server noise to such an extent that it goes unnoticed in daily use, even when working close by.

January, 2009 | Read More

Contract Rental Options

Kell Systems Portable Server Environments are now available under a contract rental agreement, developed to offer customers greater flexibility.

November, 2008 | Read More

Reducing the Cost of Cooling Server Rooms

So whilst server manufacturers are bringing out a whole gamut of new energy efficient models, unless introduced alongside a strategy that can reduce the cost of cooling them, only a fraction of the potential energy cost savings can be achieved.  

November, 2008 | Read More

Kell Systems to participate in IBM Blade Solutions Symposium

Taking place 11 & 12 November 2008 at IBM Bedfont Lakes

At the event Kell will showcase its BladeVault™ product, a complete solution for deployment of an IBM BladeCenter S™ along with UPS and related network hardware, directly in the office workspace.  

BladeVault supports hardware thermal loads of up to 4.3kW and requires only 84 Watts of power to do so, compared to the 3000 to 4000 Watts needed to power the air conditioning of an equivalent computer room.
For more information about the event and to view a full agenda please refer to IBM Events Website

November, 2008

Kell Systems to Exhibit at Storage Expo, London, Olympia, 15-16 October 2008

Kell Systems today announced that it will exhibit at Storage Expo, the UK's largest annual gathering of data professionals, taking place at London Olympia from 15 to 16 October 2008.

At the event Kell will showcase its range of Portable Server Environment products, with particular focus on BladeVaultTM, the first complete solution for deployment of an IBM BladeCenter S™, HP BladeSystem c3000™ or Dell PowerEdge 1955™, along with UPS and related network hardware, directly in the office workspace.  

September, 2008 | Read More

National School of Government Racks up Kell Systems BladeVault™ with BladeSystem c3000™ from Hewlett Packard

Rather than build a dedicated server room it chose BladeVault for its portability and the flexibility that affords

The National School of Government, a British government department dedicated to providing the highest standards of learning and development solutions to public service staff, selected Kell Systems BladeVault to augment its data centre facilities.

The School's BladeVault houses an HP BladeSystem c3000™ directly in a working office as well as UPS, tape storage devices, 2 network disc arrays, a network switch and an additional rack-mount server.

August, 2008 | Read More

Blade.org makes energy efficiency a rallying cry

ZDNet – USA, June 29, 2008

“One that may be of particular interest is a solution focused on data centers for small and midsize businesses that is a reference architecture using technology from APC, IBM and Kell Systems.”

Blade.org Focuses IT Community on “Mega Trends”

Datacenterjournal.com, June 25, 2008

“Power Savings for SMB Data Centers – A new Blade.org solutions reference architecture is targeted specifically at power savings in small and medium-sized business (SMB) environments. This reference architecture using component elements from APC, IBM and Kell Systems outlines suggested power saving configurations and best practices for small data centers.”

Kell Systems Opens Up Operations in the Netherlands

Company Appoints Ward van Zandvoort to Head up Regional Sales

Kell Systems, designer and manufacturer of Portable Server Environments (AR40s), the first and only complete cabinet solution for deployment of servers and network hardware directly in the office workspace announces the opening of its Dutch operation with the appointment of Ward van Zandvoort to head up regional sales.

April 22, 2008 | Read More

Breakthrough Solution Enabling Open Office Deployment of Blade Servers Launched by Kell Systems

Kell Systems Launches BladeVault: the First Complete Solution for Open Office Deployment of Blade Servers

London, UK, March 27, 2008 - Kell Systems, today announced the launch of BladeVault, the first complete solution for deployment of an IBM BladeCenter S™, HP BladeSystem c3000™ or Dell PowerEdge 1955™, along with UPS and related network hardware, directly in the office workspace.  BladeVault combines extreme noise reduction with high thermal capacity and is a very real, self-contained alternative to building a computer room. Its office-grade appearance blends seamlessly into any office workspace.

The solution represents a breakthrough for the blade server market, allowing blade manufacturers to better address the small to medium-sized business market with a solution that doesn't demand a costly, dedicated computer room. Whilst these latest SMB-class blade servers are quieter than their Enterprise-class predecessors, many end users consider that they remain too noisy and too intrusive to install directly in the office workplace, without a solution to reduce the noise further.

March 27th 2008 | Read More | hi res image

Kell Systems wins 2008 Fast Growth Business Award

March 13, 2008 - Kell Systems, pioneer of Portable Server Environments, the first complete solution for the deployment of servers and network hardware directly in the office workspace, was announced winner of Product of the Year category at last night's 2008 Fast Growth Business Awards ceremony.

The judges, including Peter Jones, entrepreneur and star of BBC's Dragons' Den; Simon Kossoff, MD, Carluccio's; René Carayol, business guru and TV presenter were particularly impressed by the ingenuity of the product, combined with the fact that it is manufactured exclusively in the UK at Kell Systems' factory in Somerset bucking the downward trend in UK manufacturing.

March 13th 2008 | Read More

Kell Systems launches EnviroBot a complete remote infrastructure management and monitoring solution for its Portable Server Environments

February 28, 2008, Kell Systems, world leader in the design and manufacture of air-cooled, noise reduction enclosures for use in the open office, launches EnviroBot, a unique, custom-designed solution for monitoring and management of remotely located installations in Kell Systems Portable Server Environments.

The all-in-one EnviroBot combines monitoring and real-time alerts for all aspects of the hardware environment in a single 1U rack-mount device. EnviroBot eliminates the need for separate environmental monitoring devices, network-enabled PDUs and UPS network cards.

From a single, secure web-based interface, EnviroBot provides full remote power management functions, which allow individual hardware devices to be powered on and off by remote command.

Febuary28th 2008 | Read More

Kell Systems is Announced as a Finalist in Fast Growth Business Awards 2008

Kell Systems is announced as a finalist in this year’s Fast Growth Business Awards.  Kell Systems has claimed its place in two categories, Product Business of the Year and Fast Growth Business of the Year, fighting off strong competition from over 300 other entrants. 

The awards are judged by a prestigious panel of entrepreneurs, industry experts and business journalists including: Peter Jones, entrepreneur and star of BBC’s Dragons’ Den; Simon Kossoff, MD, Carluccios; Rene Carayol, business guru and TV presenter  and Paul Hick, founder, Maximuscle Ltd (last years winner). Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony at The London Marriott Hotel on 12 March 2008. For more information please visit http://www.fgba.co.uk/2008_finalists.htm

January 2008

Fast Groth Business Awards 2008

Towergate Partnership, Europe's largest independent insurance intermediary, specifies Kell Portable Server Environments (AR40s) in preference to building new comms room facilities

Towergate, Europe's largest independent insurance intermediary, employing more than 3,800 people in 100 offices, has taken the decision to deploy Kell's Portable Server Environments in future offices as it expands.

November 2007 | Read More

Money Portal Plc Chooses Kell's Portable Server Environments at a Saving of Around 75% per Site

"The decision to go with Kell was really very easy since there's nothing out there that's comparable," says Scott Greenwood, IT Infrastructure Project Manager, Money Portal Plc. “We needed a true Comms Room replacement that was good looking enough to blend into our working environment, but that was able to cope with the high thermal loads of the servers and switches," he adds. "The hugely effective soundproofing was also crucial, because without it the combined noise of the switches and servers would have rendered the open offices unworkable. We are very happy with the performance of our AR40s and will certainly be using them in the future as we roll out new offices."

September 2007 | Read More

Server Management Product Review of Kell's Portable Server Environment

"If you have to work in the same room as your servers, you have to find some way of keeping them cool, quiet and secure..."

January 2007 | Download the PDF

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NetShelter CX Mini

NetShelter CX Mini

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